AccuSearch Recruiting System

Executek’s proprietary AccuSearch system is a proven, time-tested recruiting methodology for sourcing and securing top talent. AccuSearch goes far beyond finding people based on resumes; it is a precise targeting tool we use to identify top-tier candidates who have genuine reasons to consider joining your company. Using the AccuSearch process, Executek delivers candidates based on more than just qualifications and experience. Executek candidates have also been thoroughly vetted and evaluated for corporate culture match, performance, compensation alignment, personal fit, and motivational factors.

The AccuSearch Process

AccuSearch ensures that we are able to deliver candidates with transparency, making it easy for our clients to select and hire with confidence.

AccuSearch process


Define the position and search criteria to learn the appropriate target.


Develop and initiate marketing plans and networking strategies.


Employ direct sourcing strategies and methodologies to uncover passive top talent.


Interview, cross screen and check references to identify qualifications, experience, past performance, cultural fit, compensation expectations, and personal obstacles.


Make recommendations based on capability, cultural fit, and career track.


Collaborate with you to develop an offer that will provide the greatest probability of securing the selected candidate.


Counsel the selected candidate, from offer acceptance to resignation and counteroffer from current employer and provide relocation support, as necessary.

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