RPO Services – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Large-scale hiring doesn’t have to be so daunting.

Do you need to hire in volume quickly? Executek has the ability to recruit as an extension of your organization, supplementing and scaling up your efforts quickly and effectively.

Perhaps your company is experiencing significant growth and can’t catch up. Or maybe you were recently awarded a lucrative contract that requires significant ramp-up in a short period of time. Our RPO solutions remove any per-hire recruiting fees, allowing us to work in concert with your team and freely share applicant flow and candidate information.

Executek can work remotely while acting as an internal recruiting partner, filling in the gaps and removing any recruiting deficiencies you may be experiencing. Hiring Executek for RPO services essentially increases the size and bandwidth of your internal recruiting department, allowing you to successfully tackle even your most aggressive short or long-term hiring goals.

volume hiring partnership

Call us today at (724) 550-1111 to learn how our RPO Services can save you on traditional recruiting costs.

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