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Our expertise and process deliver results.

Engaging Executek in a retained search allows us to put the focus on your company and recruit exclusively on your behalf. A true partnership means both sides have a vested interest in a successful outcome. At Executek, we pride ourselves in loyally representing our clients and never competing with them for candidates. With 40-plus years of manufacturing recruiting experience, Executek has developed strong relationships with a deep network of industry leaders, providing our clients access to top-tier talent. In combination with the AccuSearch system, our manufacturing knowledge and recruiting resources give you a significant edge over the competition. Whether you’re searching for sr. leadership or hiring a specialist, Executek Recruiting Partners delivers the proven performers your company needs.

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Why Choose a Retained Search Firm?

When looking to fill open positions many companies opt to use contingent recruiters, and we understand why. While the total fees for both retained and contingent firms may be the same, the contingent fee structure might seem appealing to those unfamiliar with the differences between both types of service.

Finding Candidates

Contingent recruiters tend to be a go-to resource for quickly providing resumes of active job seekers at no cost unless a presented candidate is hired. Most contingent firms have a long list of open searches and gravitate to the easiest assignments to maximize profits. These recruiters typically present easy-to-find applicants that meet basic hiring criteria and even compete with their clients for candidates. Without fully vetting their candidates, contingent recruiters leave the evaluation and the rest of the hiring process to the client, while waiting to see if the hire is made.

Finding the Right Candidates

Retained search firms, like Executek, work hand-in-hand with their clients from start through successful hire. Executek gives every client the undivided attention they deserve. From day one, our team takes an active approach, obtaining an insider’s view of our client’s business structure and corporate culture. This equips us with the insight and information necessary to find and recruit candidates that are not only fully qualified but will also fit with your culture and contribute to your team synergy.

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Executek’s Retained Search – Services and Advantages

  • Customized sourcing and recruiting strategies
  • In-depth vetting and candidate evaluation
  • Recruits in partnership with our clients, not in competition with their HR department
  • Resources are dedicated to the assignment until the right candidate is hired
  • Scalable service offerings
  • Capability to recruit at all levels; from individual specialists to sr. leadership

Specializing in retained search for manufacturing, industrial, and technology companies, Executek truly understands our clients’ recruiting needs. Our expertise and service produce results.

Call us today at (724) 550-1111 to learn how our Retained & Executive Search services can benefit your company.

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