Manufacturing & Industrial Recruiting Services

Whether you run a large, small, or mid-sized business, Executek has recruiting services tailored to meet your needs. From traditional retained executive search, to large-scale hiring initiatives and customized recruiting solutions, we take pride in offering a range of services that each and every client can uniquely benefit from.

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Retained & Executive Search

Our retained search services allow us to put the focus on your company and recruit exclusively on your behalf. A true partnership means both sides have a vested interest in a successful outcome.

  1. Preferred Partner Program
  2. Preferred Partner Program

Preferred Partner Program

When running a business, you never know when a key player will leave or an important new position will require immediate attention. Executek stands ready to provide priority recruiting for our Preferred Partners when the unexpected occurs.

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Volume Hiring Partnership (VHP)

Executek has the ability to recruit as an extension of your organization, supplementing and scaling up your efforts quickly and effectively. Our VHP program removes any per-hire recruiting fees, and allows us to recruit in concert with your team and freely share applicant flow and candidate information.

  1. Supplemental Recruiting Services
  2. Supplemental Recruiting Services

Supplemental Recruiting Services

Every company is different, and a traditional retained search model may not be the right fit for every recruiting project. Sometimes you just need help overcoming a specific recruiting challenge. Executek’s process and expertise can be parceled, allowing you to choose which service will best augment your efforts.

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