Manufacturing Recruiting Solutions

Executek provides a variety of recruiting solutions for many different types of manufacturing clients:

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Large Company Needs

Executek has countless years of experience working with large manufacturing companies (500 or more employees). You already have the name; and our recruiting expertise can leverage your brand.

Perhaps you’ve made the wrong hire for a crucial position. Our ability to find the right person goes far beyond simply identifying someone with the right experience and qualifications. Our quality based AccuSearch recruiting process will also identify the candidates that fit best within your corporate culture. Whether the search is for sr. leadership, middle management, or a technical expert, Executek has the manufacturing knowledge and tools needed to help you make the right hire.


Small & Mid-Size Business Needs

Executek caters to small and mid-size manufacturing businesses. In addition to traditional retained search capabilities, we also specialize in creating customized recruiting solutions tailored to meet the needs of any sized company. We can run a full-cycle recruit or implement any aspect of our recruiting process necessary to help you find the right person for your open position. Our services are scalable, allowing you to handle the portion of the recruit with which you are comfortable while relying on Executek’s expertise to address obstacles you may be experiencing. Many clients simply hire Executek for one or more of our customizable recruiting services, maximizing results from their own capabilities while controlling overall cost.


Large Scale Hiring Solutions

To ensure the continued success of your business, you need to capitalize on every growth opportunity. Are you prepared to hire in volume relatively quickly?

Executek has unique capabilities to operate as an extension of your talent acquisition efforts. Perhaps you’ve had to engage a staffing company to hire a contingent workforce; this is rarely a long-term solution, however. Many of our clients rely on us to help them add the long-term players needed so they can methodically diminish prolonged contract labor and its associated overhead costs.


Capital Investment & Private Equity Solutions

Your business relies on having the right people to startup or turn around your latest investment. Does your portfolio company have the right leadership in place to meet this objective?

Executek is experienced at finding candidates with the unique skill sets required to maximize your returns. Whether you have a short-term assignment for an entity you plan to divest or are looking for a long-term player for the business’ immediate and future needs, we are positioned to find you the people you need to realize your goals.


Succession Planning

You’ve invested years of hard work into building your business and are now prepared to step back. How do you recruit the best candidate to whom you can hand the reigns?

With extensive experience finding candidates that align with our clients’ corporate visions, Executek gives you the confidence to replace yourself when the time is right.

Also, are you prepared if any of your key people decide to leave? Not every company has bench players ready to assume key positions. Our ability to source and recruit top talent will help you replace those people with proven performers or identify rising stars that can be groomed as next-in-line for the most critical positions in your company.

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