Often Overlooked Recruiting Strategies

In today’s connected world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of recruiting reactively and overlook certain effective recruiting practices.  Let’s face it.  Sometimes it just seems we are investing too much time with the wrong candidates.  I’ve put together a list of often overlooked strategies that can help you recruit more effectively and efficiently.  Don’t forget to make these ideas part of your normal recruiting practice.

1. Engage more candidates through texting

Have you ever noticed how Millennials and Gen Z are more accessible through text messages than phone calls?  Engage new candidates and communicate with existing candidates more efficiently this way.  Some advice: introduce yourself, be brief, and only text once if uninvited.  You may be surprised at the effectiveness of using text… even making introductions.  Click here for more ideas and best practices using text messaging.


2. Have a strong understanding of how your targets are compensated

Expecting top producers to take a pay cut isn’t very reasonable.  Even offering a lateral move isn’t enticing.  Be sure you know what top candidates are earning.  I never suggest overpaying someone but understanding the marketplace will help you recognize which candidates are underpaid and more attainable.  Conversely, you’ll need to be competitive and creative to attract folks at the top of the spectrum.  Perhaps you can offer a better work-life balance or some unique perks to obtain the peak performers.  Executek provides a compensation analysis with our retained search services or as a supplementary recruiting service.


3. Promote your culture through social media

Recognize what employees like about your company and promote it through social media.  Share employee and organizational accomplishments through media channels.  Engage with your own staff through social media channels.  Keep interactions useful and fun.  Like it or not, people are judging a company based on the culture they project through social media.  You can read more here about some “do’s” and “don’ts” about promoting culture through social media.


4. Invest the time to understand and improve your employer branding

Employer brand has become a more widely recognized point of importance in the recruiting world.  It describes a company’s reputation as a place to work and can have significant impact on successfully attracting talent.  Many companies don’t know how they are perceived in the job market.  If you aren’t driving your employer brand you are likely leaving your reputation to word-of-mouth marketing by existing and former employees.  This can be risky, and I strongly recommend taking a measured approach to manage your employer brand.  I’ve written even more here on ways to improve your employer brand.


5. Solicit referrals from your top performers, vendors, and clients

Many companies offer an employee referral program.  Get better referrals by speaking directly with your best employees… the ones that are loyal and have a great positive attitude.  The most impactful referrals will usually come from people in whom you have the greatest trust.  If it makes sense, ask your vendors and clients who they recommend.  Many people forget that these folks often have industry insight or might know your competitor’s top performers.


About Executek Recruiting Partners

Executek is a retained executive & technical recruiting firm that supports manufacturing and industrial companies.  We have more than 40 years of combined experience finding top industry talent.  If you have questions or would like to learn more about our recruiting services, you can contact us here or simply call 724.550.1111.  There is never a fee for a phone call.

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